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Equity in the Arts Report Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming report on racial equity in the arts! IMPACT is finalizing a study to document and assess racial equity in the arts and uncover practices, approach, and conditions that may contribute to or mitigate inequities in the philanthropic support of arts and culture in Chicago. Designed in partnership with Enrich Chicago, this study is expected to be released in May 2018. Click here to learn more about the project.

Hand hold pen reading chartSneak Peek: Evaluation of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership’s Career Connect Project

Many organizations in the human services sector face the same conundrum when it comes to data collection: they receive support from a multitude of funders, who ask organizations to report on their participants' progress in their specific data system. Oftentimes, organizations end up duplicating data entry work into multiple systems. The data systems also may not be designed to help organizations be more efficient and effective--they lack tools that facilitate workflow management or do not allow organizations to learn from their data and improve their practices.

The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership aimed to address issues like this among the workforce agencies it funds in Cook County by developing a new data system, Career Connect. Career Connect went live in June 2017 and IMPACT has been evaluating its development and implementation along the way. The evaluation will be completed in the spring.  

newyorktrilcoverWhat We're Reading

Policy Research Fellow, Maurcio Lopez, is reading...

A paper I am currently reading that I think will help me in my research work is Statistical Non-Significance in Empirical Economics, a methods paper on the information provided by hypothesis testing for very large sample. And for my own literary pleasures, I have been enjoying the short detective-stories in The New York Trilogyfrom author Paul Auster. 



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