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Federal actions on numerous fronts threaten to take away healthcare, nutrition, and housing from people who can’t find a job or get enough hours at work. In January, federal guidance said that states could deny Medicaid to people struggling to find a job or employed in part-time, unstable jobs. This month, the President issued an executive order directing federal agencies to take similar steps for other basic support programs. The proposed 2018 Farm Bill, recently approved by the House Agriculture Committee, will slash nutrition assistance for jobseekers and workers in part-time or unstable jobs. And just last week, the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed that public housing authorities follow suit. 

The bottom line is that cutting off people’s healthcare, nutrition, and housing if they can’t find a job or get enough hours at work won’t help anyone get ahead. Rather than punishing people who are already facing economic hardship, leaders should focus on policies that help create good jobs and boost wages.

Learn More and Push Back: Advocacy Resources

  • Our recent webinar offers communications strategies for countering work requirements >>   
  • Our infographic explains why work requirements don’t work >>
  • CLASP has compiled its resources about the 2018 Farm Bill, including a blog post about why work requirements will be ineffective >>
  • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has a series of briefs about how Medicaid work requirements will hurt different low-income populations >>

nienewsimg2.jpgStrengthening Systems Collaboration in Houston

In March we joined Funders Together to End Homelessness and the Foundations for Employment and Housing Community of Practice in Houston to dive deep on systems collaboration in action and learning with our Houston Connections Project site. Funders learned more about Houston's fully integrated housing and employment system that supports individuals' housing and employment goals simultaneously. 

COHHIOconferenceIIIn Ohio, NI Shares Strategies for Enhancing Rapid Re-Housing Programs with Employment

At COHHIO's Housing Ohio 2018 conference, we joined forces with Community of Hope—a homeless service provider based in Washington, DC—to share program-level recommendations for enhancing the design and delivery of rapid re-housing with employment supports.  

Read our report about Integrating Rapid Re-Housing & Employment >>

NIsystemscollabpapercoverHave you read our new report?

Our new report, Systems Work Better Together: Strengthening Public Workforce & Homeless Service Systems Collaboration, identifies common challenges to public workforce and homeless service systems collaboration and recommends strategies and approaches for improving collaboration between these two systems in communities.



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