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The Social IMPACT Research Center is conducting social returns on investment (SROI) analysis with two local community organizations: New Moms and the Collaboration for Early Childhood Care and Education (which will begin later this summer). New Moms is a longstanding community organization based in the Austin neighborhood that provides housing, family support, and job training services tailored to pregnant and parenting young women. Over the past few months, Senior Research Associate Callie Kaplan has met with key internal stakeholders, including staff members and new moms; surveyed external stakeholders including volunteers, community partners, and board members; and analyzed existing program data to identify and prioritize key outcomes. From this, she will identify financial valuations to attach to those outcomes in order to calculate an estimation of overall dollar return on investment. While this dollar amount will serve as a critical piece of information which New Moms can utilize for future investment decision-making, the real value of the SROI comes from the stories told through stakeholders and the data, which speak to the changes created in the community because of New Moms.

We will be wrapping up the SROI calculator later this month and will then finalize the report to share its findings in June. Stay tuned for future updates on the New Moms SROI, and the kickoff of the next SROI with the Collaboration for Early Childhood.

You can see our past work on SROI here.

GoodtechfestlogoSee You at Good Tech Fest 2018

At the end of May, Senior Research Associate, Ali Carella, and Data Analyst, Suniya Farooqui, will attend the Good Tech Fest in Detroit, Michigan. The Good Tech Fest, put on by Data Analysts for Social Good, brings together people from nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises, government agencies, and more to brainstorm the best ways to utilize data and technology to further impact use data for social good. Some of the sessions that Suniya and Ali are most excited to attend are focused on achieving and assessing impact, creative data visualization, scaling storytelling with data science, and data-informed design.


ElectricArchesbookcoverWhat We're Reading

Amber Crossen, Communications Coordinator, is reading.... Electric Arches by Dr. Eve L. Ewing

This month, I am reading a book by Dr. Eve L. Ewing, titled, Electric Arches. Ewing, a Chicago-native who is also a sociologist, educator and researcher of social inequality and urban policy, has written a fantastical, emotional, visceral and beautiful book of poetry and prose that's focused around her experiences growing up in the city. Part social commentary, part magical realism, it is a unique book that has to be read in order to be truly understood. This book made me think about so many different aspects of my own life (from my relationship with my hair to the relationship I have with my African ancestors), the impact of racism and inequity on our youth, and even how, when given the opportunity, writers of color can bring their experiences of racism, micro aggression and more into "nontraditional" genres like science-fiction and magical realism. It is definitely one that I will be reading over and over again and I would encourage you to do the same.



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