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Call Governor Rauner at 312-471-0261 and Ask Him to SIGN HB 2624                   

The Trump Administration recently finalized a rule allowing the sale of scaled-down health insurance plans aimed at rolling back important consumer protections and harming ACA insurance plans. These so-called short-term health plans are touted as affordable, but they are cheap for a reason: they lock out people with pre-existing conditions, exclude key benefits like prescription drug coverage, and leave those who are able to buy coverage with huge medical bills in the event of a serious illness or injury.

Fortunately, Governor Rauner has the opportunity to stop these plans from harming Illinois residents. A bill sitting on his desk – HB 2624 – limits the sale of short term health plans in Illinois to 180 days in any given year and would eliminate confusion by requiring insurers who sell these plans in Illinois to have clear, plain language on all sales and marketing materials.

Take Action TODAY and let Governor Rauner know Illinoisans need him to sign HB2624- the Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Coverage Act!

1. Call 312-471-0261 and ask Governor Rauner to Sign HB2624 HB24

2. Write a letter to Governor Rauner encouraging him to sign the bill. Here is a template letter for you to use.

3. Spread the word on social media! Here are two sample social media posts:

Help #ProtectOurCare in Illinois! Tell Governor Rauner to sign HB 2624—the Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Coverage Act! Details→ https://p2a.co/N3jsO1h #twill

Short-Term health plans short-change consumers, leaving those who get sick with unpaid bills. Help us #ProtectOurCare in Illinois. Tell Governor Rauner to sign HB 2624—the Short Term Limited Duration Coverage Act! Details→ https://p2a.co/N3jsO1h  #twill

Looking for Additional Resources on Short Term Plans?

  • HB2624 Resources Tool Kit: Including Messaging Points, Social Media, Template Communications, and Factsheets
  • HB2624 Phone 2 Action Campaign Page: Visit our page to place calls, emails, and social media posts to Governor Rauner! Please see our action alert for three ways partners can help us during our day of action: calls, letters, and social media aimed at raising awareness and feedback to Governor Rauner.



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